Automated Software Testing of Fusion Middleware applications with FlexDeploy by Eugene Fedorenko

Posted: December 30, 2015 in WebLogic
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clip_image001Automated software testing is one of the mandatory activities that any software organization should perform in order to be able to guarantee quality of their products. However, very often this process turns to be a pretty complicated thing, especially when it comes to automated testing of modern complex systems consisting of a number of different parts. All those parts are based on different technologies and, apparently, different technologies should be used to test them. In reality QA engineers operate with various testing tools in order to perform testing of each part of the system, to test the whole system, to perform different test types such as functional, performance, integration, etc. Each testing tool produces its own test results and QAs should gather all that data from different sources and analyze them in order to be able to make any decisions about quality of the system. It would be nice to put all that stuff to one place and to completely automate this complicated process. That would increase quality of the test automation itself and allow to make automated testing as a step of the Continuous Delivery process.
I have posted already about a new DevOps and CD tool for Fusion Middleware applications FlexDeploy. I was pleased with the opportunity to have a look at the beta version of the system (3.0) and was able to kick the tires. Among many other cool features the new version delivers Test Automation functionality. FlexDeploy 3.0 becomes a powerful instrument that puts Test Automation process under the control and makes it much easier by implementing the following concepts:

  • Central management panel to perform, control and monitor all automated testing activities in the organization
  • Hub for gathering test results from the all used testing tools
  • Central tool for building QA dashboard reports across the organization for making “Go-Live/Not-Go-Live” decisions
  • Support Automated Testing as a mandatory step of the CD process

In this post I am going to highlight the key FlexDeploy features related to Test Automation which may help to understand how the concepts above are implemented and how it actually works.

Integration with 3rd party testing tools

Actually FlexDeploy doesn’t perform any automated tests itself. This job is to be done by a great number of various testing tools. FlexDeploy just controls the process and, obviously, it is able to interact with the testing tools. This interaction ends up with the following tasks:

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