WebLogic: Past, Present and Future by Michel Schildmeijer

Posted: August 14, 2015 in WebLogic
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clip_image002Oracle WebLogic is for quite some years the key platform for Enterprise Java Applications. Through its long history of development and building, it has become the most complete, mature and stable application server platform, ready to serve old technology but more than ready for the coming new technologies which are following up each other in a speed that no one would ever thought of. This article will give you an overview of how WebLogic started, how it became the platform as it now is, and what to expect in the future. Enjoy reading!

WebLogic: Ancient History

If you browse on the internet and enter “weblogic” (Myself, I prefer, as a WebLogic geek, always to type its original Camel Case written name WebLogic) you will find some Wikipedia pages with a timeline and history about the versions that has passed, up to the latest versions ( if the Wikipedia pages are updated).

But how did it all begin? I was eager to hear it in person from one of the founders of WebLogic back in 1995, before the BEA era, Laurie Pitman.

Four young people, Carl Resnikoff, Paul Ambrose, Bob Pasker, and Laurie Pitman, became friends and colleagues about the time of the first release of Java in 1995. They all had a Master Degree in various areas of expertise, and they had come together kind of serendipitously, interested in building some web tools exclusively in Java for the emerging Internet web application market. They found many things to like about each other, some overlap in our interests, but also a lot of well-placed differences which made a partnership particularly interesting. They made it formal in January 1996 by incorporating. Read the complete article here.

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: http://www.oracle.com/partners/goto/wls-emea ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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