JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 12.1.3 Are Here By Shay Shmeltzer

Posted: October 16, 2014 in JDeveloper & ADF
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We are happy to announce the release of the new Oracle ADF 12.1.3 and Oracle JDeveloper 12.1.3 – this version aligns with the release of Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 which also include WebLogic and the SOA Suite.
There are many new features in this version – and you can read all about it in our 12.1.3 new features doc.

A few features to highlights:
Oracle SOA integration – the all new SOA 12.1.3 is now integrated into Oracle JDeveloper 12.1.3 as extensions with many new capabilities. This also include the all new Oracle Service Bus design time features.
Many new ADF Faces components – star rating, dial status meters, deck and transition components – for animated transitions.

New Diagram component – for creating complex diagrams in your browsers.
New Oracle ADF Charts Component Implementation – our chart components have been updated to add many interactive capabilities that are executed on the client. Those include capabilities such as zoom in/out, hiding items, automatic scale adjustment and much more.
Updatable gauges – you can now use gauge component to allow data input and not just read only.
Costume base maps for thematic maps.
Many enhancements to other components.
There are many other updates to the core IDE and ADF layers.
In addition you’ll see enhancements to the overall development experience with improved editors and wizards.
So what are you waiting for?
Take Oracle JDeveloper 12.1.3 for a spin – free download.
Here are some videos that highlight some of the new features:
New Features in ADF Data Visualizations
New Features in ADF Faces
ADF Data Visualizations Diagram Layout Tutorial
Cool Demos to try out with the new DVT components

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